Is Madagascar affected by deforestation?



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    Yes! It’s a major issue, in fact. Madagascar is special, it has approximately 5% of the world’s species, there are 8,000 flowering plants alone on this island, it is a unique place.

    Many of the animals and plants in Madagascar rely on the lush rain forests, and a few species are now endangered because of deforestation such as the greater big-footed mouse, the Diademed sifaka, the indiri lemur, the Malagasy giant rat, the golden bamboo lemur, the greater bamboo lemur, and the golden crowned sifaka lemur.

    Deforestation began in Madagascar in 1896, reasons include shifting cultivation, grazing, wood for fuel, logging, economic development, and mining. Pre-1950 it was done on a small scale and by farmers, but since then it has increased. Deforestation is linked to hardship, the citizens often resort to exploiting their natural resources to survive without much regard to biodiversity.

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