Is the lynx endangered?



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    Although exact population numbers haven’t been recorded, lynx are endangered. The cat, which once inhabited 16 states, is now found in very small numbers in just three states, including Montana, Washington, and Maine. Loss of habitat is said to be the biggest contributing factor to the near nonexistence of lynx. Under the Endangered Species Act, lynx are labeled as “threatened.”

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    It depends on the species of Lynx. The Iberian/Pardel/Spanish Lynx is listed as “Critically Endangered” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature Redlist. It is threatened because rabbits, its one prey, are becoming scarce and its habitat is being destroyed. 

    The Eurasian Lnyx, Bay Lynx/Bobcat and the American/Canada Lynx, on the other hand, are listed as “Least Concern.” 

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