Is the Luxor light LED?



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    The Luxor SkyBeam is the strongest beam of light in the world at 42.3 billion candlepower.  The beam is not made up of LEDs, but rather 39 Xenon lamps focused into a beam by curved mirrors.  It is visible from space, and up to 250 miles away on a clear night to airplanes. 

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    No. The pyramid of the luxor contains a spotlight that points directly upward and is claimed to be the brightest beam in the world at over 42 billion candle power. The Light is generated using 45 Xenon arc lamps of 7 kilowatts each that together heat up to over 800 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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    The Luxor Light is powered by Xenon lamps, which are not LED lights.  However, the folks operating the Luxor Light outfit are making efforts toward energy efficiency.  However, the light still costs about 50 dollars an hour to run, and 20 of those dollars come from electricity.

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