Low height trees for uk Coastal garden

I am looking to buy some trees instead of a fence around my medium size garden. I have a 2 ft wall at the moment and I thinking of bamboo. However I don’t want to have to put root barrier in!
I don’t want them too high as this may eventually block my neighbours sea view. I thought approx 20 ft high max.
I am less than a mike away from coast on a hill where we do get it quite windy at times.
I like fruit trees and threes that bear flowers such cherry tree. I have come across the chase/chaste tree but can’t find it in the uk. I live in no
Any suggestions ?



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    I would recommend the beach plum.  The beach plum produces many small purple plums.  The plums are somewhat sour but they may be made into excellent pies and preserves.  You may also want to try the pacific madrone.  It has beautiful orange speckled bark.  The kore wild fruit nursery (see link below) is a great place to look.  Their email is, “info@korewildfruitnursey.co.uk”.


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