Loud car and truck exhaust / vibration

Rather than just ignoring the bothersome drone or vibrating noise coming from most every car or truck or motorcycle in any american city, let yourself hear it for what it is. There is nothing good that comes from that noise whatsoever, for any living creature. Yes, I mean our pets, and wildlife too ! On top of the noise, most all vehicles emit unseen pollutants and fumes. Dodge Trucks mostly, and many Ford and Chevy trucks as well, seem to keep rolling off the assembly line with a cause for even louder exhaust. Some stock pipes I’ve seen must be 6-8 inches in diameter. What’s the end result to be here ? What’s the allure with a loud vehicle ? I have in my life currently witnessed younger females actually showing allegiance or loyalty to, and actually change friendship from a guy with a quiet car to a boy with a loud vehicle. That’s just how important and common this has become in our society. As I sit here at a rather new library near insulated glass windows, in the 3rd largest city in Wa.State, the drone just beams in thru the walls from the traffic outside. Then, you can have a group of 2 or 3 lawnmowers nearby from a crew who does not want to use push mowers, nor sweep by hand any longer, using their blowers to push away any stray leaves, and you have quite a disturbing area. Our Metro Busses are very noisy as well, and go continually throughout the day. Please give me some hope for the future, because even though I’m young and healthy, Im’ getting more angry, tense, and nervous each day because it seems to be escalating, even in a down economy. Perhaps, by lessening the job supply, making loans more expensive to pay (by interest rates), and higher prices ( or a smaller portion of an item than what used to be ),( for ex; look at a dollar hamburger today vs. years ago, or a candy bar size). They’ve both shrunk in size…. so, perhaps our government is purposely making us scramble around more than during normal economic conditions ? I’m Norman, ” infobay ” , jaffe.norman5@gmail.com Thank You



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    Is there an actual question here? I don’t want to be rude, but this site is meant to be a forum to exchange knowledge, not a place to spout off your latest rant. And, to be honest, I have no idea what the social choices of young women and men you cited have to do with any of this, but it is valuable to note that large, noisy cars are often associated with the beefed-up version of masculinity we push on our young men and tell our young women they should be attacted to. Perhaps more young men are clinging to this damaging ideal as the economy flounders, in order to feel safe or strong.

    If you’re asking about how to reduce noise pollution, I have included some links below about how to do so. The end part of your paragraph seems to have a question in there somewhere, but I honestly am not quite sure what you’re trying to get at.

    The government does not have control over many of the things you cited at the end of your paragraph (price per portion is controlled by companies who are trying to make more money from what they have), but you can petition or local government to create rules about noise.

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