Is the lotus elise an eco friendly car?



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    It actually is. The Lotus Elise is a very high end sports car, but Lotus focuses on efficiency along with performance. The 2011 model Elise has actually increase its fuel efficiency and cut down on its emissions by 13%, making it the lowest CO2 emitting high performance sports car in the world.

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    I’m going to say no on this one.  I looked at the manufacturers website and some of the car details.  It gets an average of 21 city and 27 highway miles per gallon which would be great for a hummer, but not a two seater.  Gas consumption aside, there is no mention of the cloth or foam for the seats being made from recycled or sustainable products as some manufacturers have started doing.For a more eco-friendly car try the prius or Ford Fusion, they actually have a lot of cool features and a much lower MSRP.

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