Lots of people (especially the elderly) die from the cold, and many car accidents happen because of ice and snow. Could global warming be a blessing in disguise?



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    People also die from the heat, And changing weather threatens global crops that feed the entire planet.

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      Ok so this is my real answer. Yes, its logical for a human to wonder if everything getting warmer might be a good thing (because being cold in the winter sucks, right?). Its really hard for us to really wrap our minds around how the climate connects everything on the entire planet, and how delicate the balance really is.
      This website has a list of pros v cons of global warming, and its really funny:
      The pros are really just laughable compared to the cons. Like, it’s a positive that the “increased summer movie box office” compared to “dwindling penguin numbers.”

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    Global warming is not a blessing in disguise for many reasons. For one, people only get more sick in the winter because they stay inside more and confine themselves indoors with others, which is how germs and illnesses spread. Additionally, car accidents happen all year round, due to many varying causes, not just the weather. But even more so, global warming is destroying many eco-systems all over the world, killing species of plants and animals, and creating major problems for humans as well including increased rates of skin cancer. Global warming will adversely affect human lives on an increasing basis if we don’t do something about it.

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