Is loss of habitat the worst thing that population growth does to animals?



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    This is certainly one of the most visible effects of human population growth on wild animals but the growth of the human population also effects the environments in other ways as well. With the growth of the human population comes a growth in the population of domesticated animals and plants that humans use for companionship or food. These species can considerably alter the ecosystems in which they are placed. 

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    I wouldn’t say that loss of habitat is the worst thing that population growth has on animals.  Issues can also come from changes with the environment and surroundings.  When environmental impacts start to occur, animals can have reactions to either slight or major changes.  Also, some animals are being forced to eat food that they are not used to and are not good for them.  Their bodies aren’t capable of dealing with the many processed and even none-edible things that end up in our trash.

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    The oil spill that we just had is pretty bad.The min. tonnage that was spilled by the Exxon Valdez oil spill was 32 tons. The max was 13, 643. However, nowadays the largest is the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which is currently between 219,000 tons and 640,000 tons. This is obviously far greater than the Exxon valdez Spill and the Gulf/Kuwait oil spill. 

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