loss of gold ornament is good or bad?



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    I suppose it depends on the context in which your loss of a gold ornament is concerned determines whether it is good or bad. Usually loss of any kind of gold could be considered bad because of it rarity, value on the world market, and its uses in today’s technology. Gold is not only highly sought after for jewelry, but is an excellent electrical conductor, non-corrosive and very reflective of light and heat, making it ideal for computer chips and heat shielding for spacecraft. You may want to clarify your question, and give context on what constitutes good or bad for your particular situation.

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    A favorite topic on forums and educational videos is just how little gold there is in the world, total. As the (unusually good) Wikipedia article mentions, it’s believed that all the gold mined in history is only about 165,000 tonnes. That doesn’t seem like much when that’s only a cube 20 meters on a side.

    A less favorite topic, but one that interests historians, is whether “losing” gold ornaments to burial is a good thing. It’s been speculated, for example, that if the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs had not been plundered by thieves, there wouldn’t have been enough gold for coinage in the Middle Ages! The somewhat grizzly implication is that grave-robbing has been critically important to humankind!

    There’s often a correlation between how much something is worth, and how much ecological damage it’s likely to have caused. Mining is never cheap, and often the mining and ore processing causes significant ecological damage. Loss of what would otherwise be a productive metal in an ornament is bad for ecology.

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