Is Los Angeles the poster child of the American Dream?



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    The last time I saw a poster of the American Dream it was in the Chicago Tribune and it showed a married couple driving then son, daugher and pet dog down a road on a nice day with big smiles on all their faces. Los Angeles had the opportunity to become such a great location. But unfortunately it was planned to be sprawled out, making residence very car dependent. Which if you look throughout the country is the same just about everywhere. So to answer your question, YES Los Angeles has become the poster child of the “American Dream”. Unfortunately the original idea is gone and is now replaced with traffic, smog and stress.

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    I think the American Dream can happen anywhere, not just Los Angeles. Big cities like Los Angeles and New York City have a high concentration of immigrants who come to the United States often looking for more opportunities. In that sense I can see how a big city like LA may pose as a place for the American Dream, but I think that the American Dream stretches far beyond big cities. If someone has the drive and desire to be successful, it can happen anywhere

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