Is Los Angeles doing anything to become a more bike friendly city?



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    As a whole, the city of Los Angeles hasn’t been doing anything to become more bike friendly. However, the the neighboring city of Long Beach has been trying to make their city more bike friendly by making the safety of bikers a priority. They’ve raised $17 million to improve its bike system. 

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    Los Angeles has been making efforts in making their city more bike friendly. The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition has played a large part in the bicycle advocacy movement in the city and county. A New Bike count report was released bringing awareness to both policy makers and the public. New bike lanes have been put in and others are in the works (such as on 7th street and Huntington blvd), bike parking has increased, sharrows added, and much more. Also, a new Bicycle plan is in the works for South L.A.

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    Yes La is slowly becoming more friendlily to bikes of all kinds.  They are adding in bike lanes where possible, and they are making these really cool parking-lots for bikes, motorcycles, and vespas. They have little tiny spaces and I really want to park in one because they look so cool. 

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