Looking for research done by U of A on Tridipanel and thermal mass/ R value

Trying to find the formula for how thermal mass effects R value. I am told the 5.5” of EPS is sufficient to match 9” of EPS when the 1.5” of thermal mass on the inside of the wall is factored in.



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    My environmental engineering textbook says that q=A(Ti-T0)/R


    q=heat transfer rate through the wall in watts or Btu/hr

    A=wall area in square meters or square feet

    Ti=air temerature on one side of the wall in C or F

    T0= ambient air temperature in C or F

    I hope this helps! If you need a more thorough explanation, I recommend buying the Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science textbook. It is such a beautiful and compact textbook that it is one of the few that I chose not to sell back to the bookstore. I think that’s why the price on the book is so high. People just don’t want to part with them!

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      Did you even read the question?
      The study is testing materials/ designs probably newer than your book.
      I am looking for the data comparing the different test holes,

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      I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a better answer. I only took the introductory course and am not involved in the industry, so that’s all I know. It takes a while to get information, especially information of such a technical nature, out into the public eye. Perhaps you will have more luck with google scholar?

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