In the long run which is worse- letting pests destroy your yard and gardens, or spraying harmful chemicals on them to kill the pests but let the plants live?



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    Spraying chemicals is the worst of the two choices.

    But the first choice is not a truth. The “pests” can be controlled through planting decisions and mechanical removal. There are no sprays used in my yard and it has not been destroyed. My vegetable garden is healthy and prolific.

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    Pesticides and herbicides would be more harmful. The pests that you speak of are actually not harmful to the ecosystem. We project the negative image onto the insects and plants that we call pests and weeds. So, your yard might be “destroyed” in your view, but in reality it is being returned to a more natural state. By trying to keep it so neat and pristine, you are basically inviting everything to come and have a ball.

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