Is London doing anything to become a green city?



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    Yes.  Most recently, 4.9 million dollars has been advocated for alternative energy projects across the city.  This includes bids up to 285,000 by social housing developments for green energy improvements.  These include solar and hot water boilers, biomass heaters, and heat pumps.  The fire brigade of London has also been improving infrastructure to conserve water and energy, recycling, and low emission vehicles.

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    Since the Climate Change Action Plan was unveiled in 2007 there have been many shifts toward making London a greener city, and keeping it that way.  Plans were announced to reduce the city’s carbon emissions by 60% by 2027 and employ local and environmentally efficient sources with 25% of the city’s energy demands.  The mayor has also passed laws imposing heavy taxes on drivers of SUVs and large trucks, while offering large incentives to those who drive hybrid or electric vehicles.

    The city has also embraced the field of eco-tourism and promotes a guide of green entertainment options throughout London.  Stay in a green hotel, eat at a five star green restaurant or grab a coffee from an organic cafe.

    The State of the Environment Report, released in 2011 shows major improvements of the city’s environmental state over the last decade.  Notable tendencies include the rise of household recycling from 8% to over 30% from 2000 to 2009.  Also, the amount of London’s solid waste ending up in a landfill has decreased from over 3 million tons in annually to less than 1.3.

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    Yes, they have already done a number of things that American cities are doing to go and stay green:

    1. Making public transport a quick, easy and affordable option (using things like the Oyster card for discounts and transpo to and from the airport)

    2. Hotels and major sleeping accommodations are going green including the Apex City of London Hotel and the Crown Plaza London St. James

    3. Many restaurants are going green and/or are vegetarian, providing diners many options around the city to eat environmentally friendly

    4. Farmer’s markets have become increasingly popular allowing both residents and visitors the option to eat fresh, local, organic food

    5. Introducing additional green transport options such as the Serpentine Solar Shuttle which is a completely electronic shuttle that silently travels back and forth across the Serpentine in Hyde Park

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    In addition to everything y’all have said, London has done a 12.5M pound renevation of the London Eye (which has had 33 million riders since 2000):

    Heating and ventelation of the capsules has been improved to make the ride more energy effcient.  Even the small changes count.

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    London also has its own bike share program available to casual users since December 3, 2010.  It is called Barclays Cycle Hire (named after its sponsor, Barclays, a major global financial services provider) and has so far gained praise for being very user friendly. 

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