A local wind that blows from sea to land is a(an)_______?

the answer of this quation must be complete by using one of following vocabulary: mertpoheas, trainoot, ase zebere,
rai sams, emailtc, ria superers, quieoxn, rilocosi ceteff, dunterh, prehopotres, hoeusegren tefefc, wed tinpo,and mosthrei.



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    The phrase you want here is sea breeze, aka “ase zebere.” Increasing temperature differences between the water and land create a pressure minimum over the shore because of its relative warmth, pushing the higher-pressure cool air inland.

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    A wind that bows from land to sea is known as a sea breeze. Sea breezes occur most often on warm and sunny days when the temperature on land is warmer than the temperature of the water. The sea breeze then begins to blow off the water, cooling down temperatures on land.

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