Is local food actually doable?



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    Biodynamic farms have been established in points in New Hampshire, Vermont and rural Massachusetts to create a new business model for the future of farming.  A viable system of local food production would involve an organized council to manage resources and state investments, and assessments to address the needs of schools and other institutions as far as food production, and an Incubator Farm to train beginning farmers and give them a start.

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    Obviously, not all kinds of food can be produced locally. But common food, including bread, milk, cheese, some meat, and some vegetables can be produced virtually everywhere, where people can create artificially the correct circumstances. However some exotic fruits, fish, among others can only be grown in a specific environment, which is much harder to reproduce in a human made space. 

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    It already is happening. Like seppe mentioned, many forms of food can be produced anywhere. During WWII, people produced about 50% of the country’s vegetable production in home garden plots or “Victory Gardens”. So the capacity is certainly there,  we just need a transfer of knowledge and an incentive to do it.

    In temperate climates, like most of the U.S., passive solar greenhouses are critical to be able to maintain production through the winter. So there is a fair degree of infrastructure development that needs to take place in order to more realistically once again have a localized foodshed.

    One thing to consider is that not too long ago, most food was local. Having oranges year round from California is a complete luxury that we now have. So part of realizing a local diet is celebrating what can be grown near  you; there is quite a bit of joy that accompanies eating seasonally as those strawberries never taste as good as in late June because you know you will not be able to eat them again until the following year.

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    It is absolutley doable. I have been going to my local farmers market for 2 years now and I buy 90 % of all the food I eat there: all vegetables and fruits (all will be seasonal which is the best diet, your body was not designed to digest citrus fruits, for example, all year round), free range chicken and beef, all soy products, honey, nuts, etc. The most amazing thing is that my meals never tasted better. I can’t eat regular store vegetables any longer, they just don’t taste good to me. If you would like to locate a farmer’s market near you, please go to 

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