Is Lipton testing products on animals?



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    Unilever, the company which owns Lipton, used to perform animal testing until very recently. Thanks to a successful campaign by PETA to eliminate animal testing, Unilever has agreed to stop all animal testing. According to their website, Unilever is now committed to, “the elimination of animal testing.”

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    Up until recently, Unilever (the corporation that owns Lipton) was testing Lipton’s tea and tea-based products on animals. Faced with pressure from PETA, Unilever announced that they would ban animal testing for Lipton products because Lipton is a leader in ‘the area of environmental sustainability and the ethical sourcing of tea.’

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    There were multiple claims being made as to what Lipton would do to the animals. For example, some of the tests Lipton had conducted involved feeding rabbits a high-cholesterol diet in order to harden their arteries, and then feeding the rabbits tea to reduce the lesions that had formed. Another test was where piglets were exposed to an E. coli toxin, then given tea to test for prevention of diarrhea. More information can be found at the website provided below.

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