Is the lion an endangered species?



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    Endangered lion species include: African Lion, Asiatic Lion, Galapagos Sea Lion, Golden Lion Tamarin, New Zealand Sea Lion, and Superagui Lion Tamarin.

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    Interestingly, lions are susceptible to canine distemper virus. Climate change can tigger circumstances that indirectly lead to the spread of this disease. Major decreases in population numbers were seen in both 1994 and 2001. As the result of severe drought in their African habitats, it seems the food chain was disrupted, such that many lion prey were diminished in numbers. Malnutrition of and heavy infestations of ticks carrying a blood parasite ingested by lions made fighting off distemper very difficult. This could become an even more serious problem as the climate continues to warm–which means even further decreases in lion numbers. And of course, human activities like poaching and agriculture expansion that takes away habitat land affect population counts too.


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    The Asiatic Lion is world’s most endangered carnivore. Once upon time Asiatic lions ranged from Greece to India. In 1900, only 12 lions were left in the Indian Subcontinent.
    Government of Gujarat have put efficient efforts to protect this ferocious big cat species. The local people have also come forward to protect the Indian Lion and does not spoil their natural habitat.

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