link causes to effect when there is no rain

human beings



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    By no rain I think you are referring to a drought. Droughts are caused by the lack of water vapor condensing, because air is not rising into the colder regions of the atmosphere. The air does not rise, so rain does not fall. This is the result of a high pressure system, which is usually replaced by a low pressure system, but in the case of drought a high pressure system stalls and sunny, dry weather remains for a longer period of time than usual. Jet streams can stall high pressure systems, locking them in place and worsening droughts. Another factor causing drought is unusually currents of cold and warm water in the ocean, like La Nina in North America or El Nino in Asia. Overall winds, water vapor, timing, and mountain ranges can all affect drought. The causes of drought can range from serious health issues, to social, economic, and political problems. Drought can cause hunger and famine, thirst, disease, wildfires, social conflict, migration, relocation, and war.

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