Let’s say Seattle does all these great environmental things. But then Houston or China does the exact opposite. Why bother?



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    The environment would be even worse if all three locations didn’t bother. Though globalization is increasing, Seattle is responsible for Seattle’s water and air quality–not Houston. Seattle may continue to be a healthy place to live while the other two locations are not. 

    Seattle may not be able to significantly alter things like global climate change, but the effects will be significant on a local scale. 

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    Because if Seattle did the same as Beijing then the earth would be 100% worse than it is now.

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    Lead by example…it is an educational mantra. It’s kind of like asking, if you don’t take a shower for a year, why should I? My answer would be, “because I want to be clean, prevent disease, and be favorable to society”. Perhaps a weird analogy, but I hope the point is made.

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    There’s the old saying, “Think globally, act locally”. No one can save the earth themselves, but if we all work to take care of our own areas on the small scale the effects add up. Seattleites enjoy a much nicer city than Beijing, and someday maybe Beijing will be able to say the same.

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