Leftover Cigarettes leafs

In my country, there are some guys goes to eating shops and collecting leftover cigarettes sticks which are mainly found in astray. They cut throw the filter side, open the leftover burned section of the cigarette sticks, taking out the leftover leaves and selling to a company that makes imitation cigarette packets (private label) which are sold openly in may shops in the towns all over the country. A Marlboro brand is sold for USD2.80 per packet (20sticks). The imitation brand is sold for USD0.70 – 0.80 cent per packet. Is there any case can be brought against the guys who collecting the leftover cigarettes sticks from the astray? Is this comes under theft? And companies like BAT has the right to sue the company that makes imitation cigarettes using their leftover tobacco leafs?



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    That depends on the laws in your country. You’d have to check with the authorities to see if there are any health/sanitation or resale laws they are breaking.

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