Is leather or that plastic imitation crap worse for the environment?



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    Currently, there are two main types of pleather or “plastic imitation crap” made:

    Polyurethane (first citation), which does still at the moment produce quite a few CFC’s.  Scientists are trying to perfect more environmentally reasonable solutions.  The recycling of Polyurethane is still very environmentally unreasonable.  The chemical does not propose harmful side effects to people, however.

    Polyvinyl chloride or PVC (second citation), causes the same amount of problems to the environment through recycling and the emission of CFC’s, and certain additives to the chemical like lead and cadmium can propose further human endangerment.

    In a nutshell, leather is better for the environment, but animal rights groups dislike any slaughtering of animals for luxurious purposes.  There are hundreds of thousands of different, and better types of clothing out there; people only use leather still for the aesthetics, and that is absolutely obnoxious and immature.  Animal rights groups tend to blow this situation way out of proportion anyway. 



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