Is leasing a hybrid a better option than buying one?



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    The old “lease vs. buy” issue. There are several issues to consider.

    First, what kind of mileage do you tend to put on your car? Some lease options charge quite a bit extra if you exceed a certain number of miles. If you have a long commute or tend to drive a few hundred miles to visit mom fairly often, you may find that buying and then later selling would be a better option than spending the extra for the mileage fees in a lease.

    Additionally, how hard are you on your cars? If you tend to require a lot of maintenance, then a lease might work out if they offer regular maintenance as part of the lease package.

    The website LeaseGuide can offer some additional explanations on all the lease versus buy issues.

    Also, has some calculators to compare the prices of leasing with the financing of a purchase.

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