Is lead present in tap water?



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    There isn’t lead coming from the water itself but lead can become present in tap water due to corrosion of plumbing. Lead is commonly used in pipes, fixtures, and solder. Over time these elements can start to corrode and lead to the presence of lead in tap water. The most lead will usually be found in homes built before 1986 since lead pipes were more common then.  But even today’s “lead-free” pipes used in homes can contain up to 8% lead and still put you at risk for lead in your water. Lead in tap water can lead to serious health issues. 

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    In some cases, yes.  In houses built before 1986, lead plumbing hardware has a higher probability of being used.  Even in new homes, some “lead free” plumbing still has up to 8% lead content.  Lead enters municipal water sources only through plumbing hardware.  To try to reduce your exposure to lead, the home owner must check the plumbing hardware and take measures to reduce the risk of it entering the water source.

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