Is laziness the only reason people do or don’t bike to work?



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    I would say that is a big reason for a lot of people, but it is important to take into consideration a few reasons why riding a bike may not always be beneficial:
    1) No one wants to show up at work sweaty
    2) Often times, people commute to work, the average commute in the US is 25.1 minutes according to the Census Bureau, that is a long time if you were to ride a bike!
    3)Whether can sometimes be unpredictable, and riding a bike in pouring rain is not only uncomfortable, but unsafe as vehicles on the road lose a clear sense of sight.

    There are many benefits to riding your bike to work such as saving money on gas, insurance, car maintained, improving health and vigor, improving the environment, and having a good time, but sometimes distance, social manners (smelling good at work and looking decent), as well safety need to be taken into consideration.

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