laxton superb apple tree, first yr great harvest but 2nd

Im new to this growing food lark in last few years! what does my poor tree need it looks ill with big brown rust spots on leaves, also loosing leaves at an alarming rate considering its only 3rd July. Please help me folks, i need it!



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    I’ve attached two links below that lead to some guides for apple tree problems. I do recommend looking through those guides before you do anything about your tree.

    There are also a few common reasons why your tree is undergoing this change:

    1. Late frost can really mess up a tree. It will fail to bear fruit if the frost affects the blossoms, and the leaves can be affected.

    2. Lack of pollination can affect fruit-bearing, although I don’t think it has an effect on leaves.

    3. Your tree could be thirsty and damaged by the sun. The leaves falling off would point to this.

    4. Over-pruning can serverely damage a tree. If you drastically pruned your tree, it will have difficulty thriving for years, and may die.

    If you are in doubt about what is affecting your tree, call your local arborist for a consultation.

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