Is Las Vegas the biggest city in a desert?



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    Phoenix, Arizona is the largest city in a U.S. desert in the nation with about 1.5 million people. The 2nd link below compares different desert cities and their sustainability. Water resources are the number one issue facing these cities and continue to get worse as fresh water supplies cannot keep up with population increases nationwide.

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    Winonaa’s right, Phoenix wins for the US, but it doesn’t take the world-title.  Cairo, Egypt is the world’s largest city located in a desert.  Although part of the city lies along the Nile River, the city extends into both the Eastern and Western deserts on each side.  Roughly 6.8 million people live within Cairo’s city limits and 11.1 million within the metropolitan area.  Access to water poses just one of many challenges that the mega-city faces concerning urban planning and sustainability.

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