l need about 10 acres of under power lines for a nursery in birminham al

grow trees



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    I’ll assume the question is: What’s appropriate to plant under power lines?

    The city of Glendale has a list, cited below. Glendale is a semi-arid city, but it is about at your latitude, and the trees there will get a lot of water (artificially).

    The other reference has a nice, simple diagram showing good distances from a power line for trees of various heights. (Note the diagram zooms.) The rule of thumb seems to be: Plant as far away from a powerline as the maximum height of the tree (or plan on pruning them a lot!) That makes sense, since the “worst case scenario” would tend to be the tree falling straight over toward the power lines. (Also note there are a couple other references on that page that might be of use to you.)

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