Is knitting an eco-friendly hobby?



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    I, myself, am a knitter, and I must say that knitting is only as eco-friendly as you make it. You could just knit with acrylic (essentially plastic) all day, or use yarn farmed off of abusive giant sheep farms, but there are other options.

    First, try getting yarn produced by local manufacturers. There are plenty of small yarn mills and animal farms across various countries that are sustainable and, if they’re near to you, getting their yarn cuts down on the environmental impact of shipping.

    You can also rip out yarn from old projects and reuse it. Or, one of my favorite options, you can buy sweaters from the second-hand store and reuse their yarn. Here’s a tutorial on how to do just that:

    Try to find “greener” materials to knit from. Look up yarn manufacturers and figure out where they source their material from. Wool can be a sustainable material when farmed properly, carefully, and without excess.

    Some manufacturers also make recycled knitting needles and notions. I recommend looking into those options as well.

    You can also look into spinning your own yarn (less energy used to spin yarn in mills), or creating yarn out of plastic bags or old t-shirts (it’s really super fun!). It also can be fun to knit smaller projects in general, which use less yarn.

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    You can try to use eco-friendly yarn, which definitely increases the benefit of knitting on the environment. Eco- friendly yarns are good for the environment and good for your health. Also, using recycled yarn can be also be good for the environment and will cost next to nothing.

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