Is the Kindle an eco-friendly gadget?



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    Yes.  Unfortunately for us traditionalists, if you read more than 5 books a year, it’s actually better for the environment to use the Kindle than to read a book.  HOWEVER, that study assumes the book you’re reading is a new book, and doesn’t take into account if it will live on your shelf after you’ve finished it.  If you’re reading used books or buying books and lending them out considerably, the Kindle loses its edge.  So for new work, the Kindle is environmentally better, but if the book already exists on a shelf, take it off and read it from there instead.

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    Well, it doesn’t burn any hyrdrocarbons and it’s paperless, which makes it more eco-friendly, than, say, cars or shopping circulars, though, to a certain extent, it depends on what you’re reading on the kindle.  The most harmful thing about the kindle is its potential to create e-waste, but that’s a problem with all electronic gagets.  See the article below for more info.

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