Kind of random question, but do you guys that think Bigfoot could actually exist in this day and age?

I feel like pollution, urban sprawl, and the removal of forest land would have driven them to extinction (if they ever did exist) what do you guys think?



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    Well, my honest opinion is that anything is possible.  We find new species pretty much daily in our forests and oceans.  We have rediscovered species that we believed to be extinct for a hundred years.  Who knows what lies out there waiting to be discovered?

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      Yeah, but most of the new species we find are like really small, or are just small variations of other species that we already know about. I feel like it would be way easier for a scientist to overlook a frog that has slit pupils, over a giant man-ape thing running around.

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      While I completely agree that it is HIGHLY unlikely we will ever find a Bigfoot, I don’t think we can completely disregard the possibility either. Large species are also found more often than you probably realize. A jungle in Madagascar was explored a few years back and a few larger species were described. Also, a new marine mammal species was discovered just ten years back. While I won’t be holding my breath to see the headline “We have found Bigfoot!” I don’t think it is completely impossible.

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    No one has confirmed that Bigfoot exists, but then no one has searched every place and confirmed that they do not exist. People often “spot” Bigfoot in very forested areas that are remote. In theory, it is possible that a creature like Bigfoot lives in these areas and is rarely seen.

    A complete survey must be done of one or more of the areas to find signs of and actual individuals of Bigfoot before a definite answer can be given.

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    I don’t think “Bigfoot” exists, unless Bigfoot is an extraordinarily hairy human living in the American wilderness, in which case, global warming would make him very hot and maybe he’d need to shave his excess hair or adapt to the heat by shedding.

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