Just recovered from the forest, beautiful sugar pine cones. Dirty, and lots of sap and bugs. What is the recomended cleaning solution in preparation for gloss spraying?



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    The easiest way to clean sap from a pine cone that you are not intending on returning to the duff, would be to use a solvent. Unfortunately, the majority of solvents are not eco-friendly. However, there are a few options.

    Vortex is a citrus-based cleaner and is 100% organic. It is often used to remove tar and asphalt.

    DuPont has a solvent called DBE-IB used mostly to remove paint, but it will likely work well with sap.

    Enviro Tech International has a product called EnSolv that is a degreaser and a cleaning solvent.

    There is also a terpentine-replacement called Turpenoid Natural, available from the Martin/F. Weber Company. This is designed mostly for paint, but will likely work with sap as well.

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