Just had my compost bin delivered but alas no hints and tips with it. Where should it be sited, in full sun ?, and also can it be on concrete.



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    It really depends on the type of compost bin. Is it a fancy one that you can flip over, or is it just a big bin? I’ve attached a couple of sites that have info on how to use the bin to your best advantage, so it should answer at least most of your questions. Good luck!

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      It’s just a big plastic thing with a lid and a door at the front. Links were useful but the more I read about compostinf the more complicated it seems, thought it would be simple….just dump the stuff in there and bingo..compost. hadn’t realised tghat citrus leavings were a no no so glad I read that.

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      Yeah, composting can be a bit complicated at times. I think that once you get into the swing of it, it gets easier, but it’s still some work. As long as you know when to stir your compost, and know what to put in and what not too, you should be fine. =) Glad the links helped out, though. the internet can be a lifesaver sometimes, hey?

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