This is just a diversion away from what must be done .

The E.P.A. Is out to show Americans that Asian Carp are not in Lake Michigan. The only way to resolve the Asian Carp Crisis is to close off the flow of water between Lake Michigan and all the Chicago area canals. The E.P.A. created this crisis and they need to be responsible moniterially for the clean up .



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    You see this the problem with humans.  We create a problem, and then for some reason the way we solve the problem is by creating another (such as adding chemicals and electric barriers) 

    Closing the flow of water is also a horrible idea. This will block the natural movement of fish from the waterways.  Also, Chicago reversed their river, so Lake Michigan flows into the Mississippi and into the Ocean, not the other way around.

    But I agree.  We have a heavy, heavy problem on our hands.  

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    Keith, Canals are not natural and thus blocking “natural movement” is not an issue. Also, it really does not matter what way the water flows, guess why, fish swim, they swim upstream, downstream, etc.

    Furthermore, the chemicals that you speak of are naturally occuring and photodegrade, the chemical most commonly used is rotenone and it is very good piscicide with all things considered.

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