Is Jonathan Safran Foer a green activist?



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    Jonathan Safran Foer, the author who wrote Eating Animals, does not seem to be exactly a green activist.  He appears to be more of a curious person who wanted to make sure that what he fed his child was actually healthy.  He appears to not have been entirely concerned with the source of his food (although he did waver between omnivore and vegetarian before having a child) until he was responsible for feeding someone else.  His book appears to address how animals are treated in farms as well as how the consumer thinks about the animal they eat.  For example, if you get a carton of cage free eggs, do you really know what that means, and why does it make you feel better.  He appears to be more of an animal rights activist, and advocates for learning where our food comes from.

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    He’s not exactly a green activist, rather by profession he’s an author. He wrote a book called “Eating Animals” which made people see things in a different perspective and realize that vegetarianism is a good thing. He never argues FOR vegetarianism persay, but he makes compelling arguments about “the ethically reprehensible treatment of animals that takes place in factory farms.” Foer makes efforts to raise consciousness regarding what goes actually in to the fish, chicken, pork, or beef that ends up on the family dinner plate.

    Read more at Suite101: Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer

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