Japanses maple Red Acer palmatum musashino

I have a problem with the tree. it’s leaves are turning dry i just bought the tree this year at Home Depot.
What can i do to save this tree!?



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    It is almost definitely experiencing leaf scorch. Maples, especially Japanese maples, are often susceptible to leaf scorch, which is like the tree’s version of sunburn. Although many of the affected leaves are past saving for this season, there are things you can do.

    First and foremost, your tree needs to receive a thorough, deep watering. This moisture in the soil then should be protected by a layer of mulch. You should refrain from fertilizing it right now, since some fertilizers (those with high nitrogen content) can speed up leaf scorch. However, come next spring, you will want to fertilize it to ensure it doesn’t have a mineral imbalance.

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    You might just need to water the tree more or less often. While you are transplanting trees, they are being stressed. Keep your tree in the shade if it is currently in a pot. This causes less water to evaporate.

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    Also, any sort of light screening will help, either a bit of shadecloth, or another larger tree shading it might help. Japanese Maples really disliked intense, direct sunlight and heat.

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