Is Japan’s population growing fast?



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    Actually, Japan’s population is not growing.  Their most recent population numbers provided to the state department show a  -0.278% population growth (their current population is 127.08 million citizens).  Negative population growth is a common characteristic of post-industrialized countries.

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    In regards to what andyyeah reports, this negative population growth is beginning to strain Japan’s infrastructure. When population growth is on a natural decline (not due to emigration) this means that the population is aging, that is, a progressively larger proportion of the population are adults or elderly because there are less babies being born. When you have a significant percentage of people leaving the workforce and eventually needing care, and a much smaller percentage of individuals entering the workforce, this puts the responsibility of elderly care (financial support and time spent with individual) and maintaining the economy on the demographic fit for work. If the population continues to decline that demographic fit for work will shrink in proportion and have the obligation of supporting not only their children but an overbearing  elderly population.

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