Is Japan responsible for overfishing?



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    Yes. Japan has been overfishing all sorts of animals that have become endangered as a result. Japan is known to be killing 20000 dolphins each year. The bluefin tuna has also become endangered as Japan has been overfishing them by 25%. Even though the Japanese government banned the killing of whales, they left a loophole, they can kill them for scientific research. Japan is very serious problem with overfishing that they need to urgently address. 

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    Japan is certainly responsible for its share of overfishing.  However, recent attention to the bluefin tuna issue and the Oscar-winning documentary, “The Cove,” which deals with the killing of dolphins, might lead one to believe that Japan is the sole offender in this arena.  It’s not!  And one must remember that American and European markets put out a high demand for the seafood that’s being overfished.  In short, overfishing is a global problem that needs to be studied and resolved on a global level.

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    Japan is definitely responsible for some of the overfishing that has occurred in the world. Nevertheless, it is only responsible for part of the overfishing, not all of it. The United States and other industrialized nations use incredible technologies that capture a significant amount of fish. However, this does not allow the fish to replenish their populations. 

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