Is Japan the best country in the world for high speed rail?



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    Due to the subjective nature of your question, I can’t definitively say what country has the best or is best suited for a high speed rail system. The Infrastructurist has a list of “The World’s 7 Best High Speed Rail Networks” and are as follows: Spain, China, France, Taiwan, Japan, Italy and Germany. Spain topped the list because plans are set so that by 2020 there will be 10,000 km of high-speed lines “all within a land area smaller than Texas.” Also, Spain has a “cross-border tunnel north of Barcelona currently under construction, [which] will allow the nation’s citizens easy train access to the rest of Europe.” Plans have also been drawn to “build a tunnel under the Mediterranean to Morocco,” connecting Europe and Africa by train.


    On a side note, sadly, China just suffered it’s first deadly high speed rail accident with 43 dead and hundreds injured. For more information, refer to The Atlantic article here.

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    Based on the speed of the trains and the amount of time that Japan has had high speed rail, the article I found put Japan as the number one ranked country for high speed rail. This article ranked the top 10 countries as Russia, Taiwan, South Korea, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, China, France, Japan. Japan was ranked as number one. It is an article that based most of its rankings on speed and also included experimental trains in its conclusions.

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    I believe Japan is in possession of one of the more efficient systems. Japan is a very strong leader in many forms of eco technologies. They have always been as concerned with the future of their country as they are with the present state. So I am not entirely surprised that they have one of the greatest systems.

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