Is Jane Goodall still alive? Has she won awards for her amazing work with chimpanzees?



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    Jane Goodall is still alive and continues her humanitarian work. She has won numerous awards since the 1980s and published many books and movies. Her awards have been granted from a variety of organizations and institutions, and have come in many different capacities. Here are a few: The Zoological Society of London Silver Medal; The Tanzanian Kilimanjaro Medal; The Primate Society of Great Britain Conservation Award; The Caring Institute Award; The Polar Bear Award; William Proctor Prize for Scientific Achievement. And those are only the awards she won in the year 1996! The following link provides a more comprehensive list of her awards and achievements.

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    Jane Goodall is very much alive, and continues to write and lecture. She maintains research staff and graduate students at her facility at Gombe. She bides her time between her childhood home in Bourenmouth, England, and a home in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Her awards include the Albert Schweitzer Award 1987, the Encyclopedia Britannica Award 1989, and the Kyoto Prize for Science 1990.

    A full list of awards is available through the Jane Goodall institute at

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    With every breath in her body! She has not left this earth 😉

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