Is Jack Johnson an environmentalist?



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    Yes, absolutely. Jack Johnson should be considered an environmentalist in one form or another because he promotes sustainability through his actions: His albumns are recorded at a studio run completely off of solar energy! and the CD books themselves are printed on 100% recylced paper! (There is not, as of yet, a green method of manufacturing CD’s, but I suspect in the future we won’t have CD’s, just digital files which can be purchased and played. Jack will get on board I bet.)

    Here’s what it reads in the liner to his albumn Sleep Through the Static:

    Recorded using 100% solar energy, printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper, and carrying the 1% For The Planet logo.

    Also Jack has donated a huge amount of money (almost a million bucks! more than I can say I’ve ever given!) to environmentalist organizations. His webpage even has a link called “Greening” where you can read about all of his eco-friendly exploits.

    Check out his website for more info:

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