I’ve heard that you should put a cactus plant next to your computer because cacti absorb radiation or something. Is that true?



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    “Most TV sets and computer screens have not been found to give off any measurable level of radiation” – the EPA. Your computer doesn’t give off any significant amount of radiation that could affect you, so the use of a cactus (if does really work) is unnecessary.

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    This appears to be a hoax. The electro-magnetic (EM) radiation flowing from your computer screen is primarily visible light, traveling through the monitor glass and into your eyes. A cactus plant will indeed block many forms of EM radiation if placed directly between the computer screen and you. It won’t, however, pull or absorb EM radiation away from you if it’s sitting next to your monitor. There are no substances (including cactus plants) that will draw EM emissions away from your eyes and attract the light headed in your direction. If this did occur, you wouldn’t be able to see anything on your screen because visible light is included in the EM radiation spectrum.

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