I’ve heard the sugarcane used for rum is farmed with high levels of pesticides. Is there an organic rum?



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    There is an organic rum on the market called Papagayo. It comes from Paraguay and is sold primarily in the UK. The citation links list several other kinds of organic liquor as well.

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    Papagayo Organic Rum is a Paraguay based company that makes a white and spice rum, which is made with organic sugar cane. It is a singe estate rum that is never blended, and typically goes for $24.99 a bottle. Rivers Royal is an organic rum from Grenada. Matraga White Rum is an organic and fair trade rum from southern Brazil. This smooth and dry rum is double distilled from fermented cane.

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    Crusoe Rum is also organic.  It is named for legendary author Robinson Crusoe, who is dubbed by the company “a first class environmentalist.”  They use organic fair-trade sugarcane in their rum.  They also do not barrel age and charcoal filter in order to save trees and waste.  See below for more information.

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