I’ve heard that some leaders of developing countries still oppose UN and non-profit organizations efforts at greening their national policies. Which leaders, and which countries, are still holding out?



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    As of the 2009 Copenhagen meeting, the leaders of Brazil, Bolivia, the G-77 group, Tuvalu, and Venezuela are all opposed to the policies discussed at the meeting. Their reasons vary, but in the most part it boils down to the idea that they believe a climate bill of this sort favors developed nations who already have access to greener forms of energy, and the ability to fund development of more, while developing countries are still going through Industrial revolutions of their own. However, some developing nations, such as the Maldives and and the Association for small Island States believe the regulations were not stringent enough, as their nations are in a very real danger of sinking. You can read more about the opposition at the links.

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