I’ve heard that scientists believe there are cures for lots of diseases in the rainforest. Is it possible that we are losing those cures because of serious deforestation?



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    Yes, this is entirely possible. There are so many things that we have yet to discover, not to mention try to understand. Many cures that we have already found in rainforests and in nature were purely on accident. Now that we know that more compounds and cures may exist in nature, that is another reason to try to curb the rates of deforestation.

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    The rainforests are often filled with microenvironments where unique flora and fauna thrive only there. With the rainforest being so dense and scientists not having a chance to discover these microenvironments, it’s definitely possible that some species with curative properties have already been destroyed. As ethnobotanists and plant explorers have discovered, native peoples living in the rainforests have a plethora of natural remedies for particular illnesses from the environment surrounding them. If more efforts to understand people’s use of rainforest plants and more time to value and appreciate these unique environments and the life within them were taken, the world could benefit from a wealth of knowledge.

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