I’ve heard that hydrogen can help stop global warming but it’s expensive and hard to obtain. Doesn’t hydrogen occur naturally, and how could it help?



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    Hydrogen is the most abundant resource in the universe. The problem however, is pretty much the same as electricity, it is as clean as what you make it from. Energy is required to get the Hydrogen to its purest form, that is why it is not really considered a fuel, but an energy carrier created from any number of ways. It is also extremely costly. The pollution sensitive Southern California use modified hydrogen Prius’ for certain government fleets – a five year plan to promote the possibilities of hydrogen. However, Worldwide Inc., said the cars go only 70 to 80 miles before needing a refill, and cost $60,000 to equip — not counting the cost of the Prius.

    Also, Hydrogen leaks are also hazersous to out atmosphere, and scientists estimate 60-120 trillion grams a year…(4 to 8 times more than current)

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