I’ve had my weeping cherry tree for 2 yrs and it’s always been very healthy. All of a sudden this summer, the leaves turned yellow, then brown. There has been plenty of rain and all ofther plants and trees are doing well. I found ants on the leaves and

some wholes where it seems the ants have eaten the leaves. I sprayed with Sevin dust an the ants ae gone but the tree is getting worse. I looks like it does in the fall before winter but I’m afraid it’s dying and won’t come back in the spring. Anything I can do to save it??? Please help. I LOVE this tree!



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    If you’re really concerned about your tree, I’d talk to a professional about it. I’m sure that if you look hard enough, you will be able to find a horticulture expert that would be willing to come to your house for a small charge.

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