Is skiing itself un-eco-friendly, or just the accoutrements that come with ski culture?



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    Skiiing in and of itself is anything but un-eco-friendly…  It’s one of the greenest, fastest transportation methods for going downhill in winter conditions. BUT — when we do things for recreation — we tend to go overboard,  and with all the ski-lifts, grooming machines, ski patrol snowmobiles, and ski lodges that go along with the recreational sport, you obviously get a big carbon footprint when all is said and done (even though you are outside just using your body — those machines are all working very hard to make it happen and) it takes a toll on the environment.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be bad though… I’m sure people could manually groom courses (or use animals to help—as the romans would have done) and people could be responsible for walking back to the top (maybe use a machine to carry your skis and boots [because it’s tough to trek in ski boots!])… but it would be tough (and thoroughly unenjoyable!)… the point is though, there is a way… and skiing itself is definitely not bad for the environment.  Consider this analogy…. no one would claim that a waterfall is bad for the environment, they occur naturally and require no energy input (other than the sun causing the water cycle and gravity bringing the water back to earth)…. but if you have a waterfall in your backyard that runs off an electric pump, one could make a case for this being un-eco-friendly (because it is somewhat of a waste of energy; even though they are nice to look at, they serve no actual purpose other than aesthetic)… it is much the same with skiing.

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