Its obvious that charasmatic species get more attention when they are on the endangered species list. How can we change this in the future?

Every species on the list should get the same amount of recognition.



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    To be honest the best way to change this is to find something charismatic about the species that have been forgotten.  For example, most people do not realize that the Baiji, Chinese river dolphin, was recently declared most likely extinct.  However, if the bottlenose dolphin was having those problems we could all pretty much guarantee that they would be have been recognized long before.  The baiji have even more complex social interactions than the bottlenose dolphins.  If we could have found a way to show this very social and highly intelligent animal in a cuter light more people would have paid attention.  Unfortunately our society is driven to love with is adorable and appealing.  The key is to take the cutesy things from the forgotten species and make those well-known.

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    I think the best way to protect all endangered species is to prevent them from getting that way in the first place. I don’t think it is possible to protect less appealing species. We still have a hard time protecting the species that are endangered in the first place. We should focus more on the prevention of habitat and biodiversity loss than protecting endangered species. When we lose habitats, we have more species to worry about. More importantly, we should focus on limiting human population growth because it is our exponential growth that is causing species to go extinct.

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    Education. We need to make people realize that all species are very important in the ecosystem. When we lose a species we are affecting all of the other species, including the cute and cuddly ones people tend to like better. We should try to set up organizations that promote the protection of the non-charasmatic species so that awareness is increased and then protection can be afforded.

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    I don’t know if we can get less charismatic species very much more attention.  We could try educating people on them and get the word out about some of the lesser known endangered species, but people are just going to keep focusing on the more exciting and likeable animals.  There isn’t much that we can do to change that.  There is enough difficulty trying to save the more well known of the species, so it would be foolish to waste money getting the word out on some of the others.  We should just focus on making sure that the environment and conservation efforts are good enough to prevent all animals from becoming endangered.

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