it’s a good way ?

Thomas thinks, wholesale coach handbags the Min Min mouth, asked: ” after training this afternoon, are you free? Help me to practice the skills? ”
Wang Li was surprised, when Thomas became so ambitious, would be to take the initiative to increase training, said: ” how? ”
Thomas mumbled something hum, continued: ” you know, I was eighteen years old, but still only youth team a substitute goalkeeper, today I call dad wanted me to go to university, but I like football … … ”
Wang Li nodded, but also need to practise shooting skills, and Thomas is his best friend, and he also never mind.
OK.Afternoon, young team after training, Thomas took to the court of king.
At this time of the day, the club staff, coaches are home from work, and all the first team players and many youth team players have returned to their homes, only a few live in the dormitory of the youth team players to stay at the club.
Two people together to make the pitch ball placed into a row, then, Thomas returned to the front door, ready to start his goalkeeping exercises.
In the usual training process, wholesale nfl jerseys Wang Li and rarely do shooting practice, in the youth team, he was a right winger, long, dribbling and ball speed advantage to keep him in the position to do good, but for him, the most important of course is run, short pass coordination training.
Wang Li himself knew of his free-kick level, he played football after all the time is very short.
He tiptoes lightly on the ball a little, look toward the goal. This position on the right angle of sixty degrees, has more than 20 meters away from the goal, Thomas is standing on the angle of the median body squat, serious stare at him at the foot of the football.
Wang Li stepped back, and then suddenly the fast swing legs, right foot to kick the ball, ‘ touch ‘ sound, football to the left-hand corner of the goal straight towards the past.
Thomas has been a careful look at the ball, authentic nfl jerseys but Wang Li this corner force is too great, and shot in the moment right also instill a force, force can not be ignored, but in front of the goal Thomas although already strongly want to provoke a jump ball, but apparently his body could not react, it went straight into the net, a foam ball.
” Come again! ” Thomas was not convinced of.
Look at his looks, Wang Li smiled, and said nothing. The placement of the ball too close to the goal, and with their own internal force the ball speed is too fast, he failed to react very normal.
He slowly walked to the next second balls, two steps back, running … Swing leg … Right firm force pumping in the ball, the football is to the left corner of the goal to fly, he won the under foot, if Thomas wants to practice the ability, he will play their own strength, so as to achieve the the effect of exercise.
Thomas suddenly jumped up, nfl jerseys cheap but still some slow, ball wiping his fingers edge flew in.
” Come again! ” Thomas blocking gas continued, although only youth team substitute goalkeeper, but the two meters outside the long-range impossible a also had not come out.
See Thomas, Wang Li can continue to …



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